Using the potential of sport

As instruments to re-enter society and build new and meaningful relations.

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About Us

Passion – Sport as tool of inclusion of ex-offenders aims to involve operators and trainers dealing with the re-introduction in the society of former prisoners to explore the effect that ETS could have to help reduce recidivism, using the potential of sport to help ex-offenders overcome the barriers of their social vulnerability and to give them the instruments to re-enter society and build new and meaningful relations.

Passion is a project funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ programme, carried out in Italy, Spain and Turkey by a partnership formed by Base NGO, Microlab, Associaciò Uno and  KIYIDOSK.

Through PASSION, partners aim to contribute to Erasmus+ horizontal priority of Inclusion and Diversity, addressing it under the Sport sector priority of promoting education in and through sport.

Passion Toolkit

Training Format for Education Through Sport 

To achieve this object we will create a Training Format to aim at providing adult educators and social workers working with target group (ex-offenders) with competencies and skills to work on their re-integration both in the society and labour market, as well as fostering social inclusion through the concept of Education through Sport to trigger active citizenship. 

The training format will be produced through the cooperation of project partners that will identify in their country of provenience the best practices in the utilization of sport for the inclusion of ex-offenders.

The Training Format will be tested during a joint training event involving adult educators and operators working with the target group of ex-offenders. The main goals of the activity are: to test the Training Format developed during the first step; to improve participants’ knowledge of the Education Through Sport methodology as a tool to reduce recidivism; and to foster social inclusion of ex-offenders thanks to the potential of sport.

After this first test, we will organize local workshops with ex-offenders using the Training Format in the different Countries involved in the project. 

This will help to realize  PASSION Toolkit, which will be a practical resource for stakeholders including ready-made ETS activities to be implemented with the target group of ex-offenders, completely transferable to other sectors and/or to work with other at-risk targets.

PASSION toolkit will help:

 Acquisition of knowledge, skills, and methodologies to implement dedicated activities for people with fewer opportunities 

Enhancement of soft, transversal, and empathetic skills improving all aspects of professional life.

Development of skills in the production of original non-formal educational methods.

Enhanced international contacts with NGOs and youth operators from different countries.

Participants to project activities will receive the above-mentioned direct benefits, and thus be impacted in the short-term, in terms of acquired relevant knowledge, skills and cognitive and non-cognitive competencies, fostering in the medium term a more positive attitude towards unbiased work with ex-offenders that will contribute, in the long-term, to an improved social inclusion of the ex-offender.

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